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To start your investment journey in Earnbits you need to follow few simple steps. Starting from account registration to profit withdrawal, every step is comprehensible in our user friendly investment portal.

  • Step 1: Account Registration

    Start by filling in required fields of the application form on the ‘Register’ page. Submit your registration after making sure that you have gone through our terms. After that you will be able to log into your account and make your first investment.

  • Step 2: Creating Deposit

    In order to make a deposit you need to use Bitcoin, the most popular digital currency. You can use make a deposit from any of your bitcoin wallet. After logging in your account in Earnbits just click on ‘Make a deposit ‘link.

  • Step 3: Wait for the deposit transfer

    Normally Bitcoin deposit is active after 3 confirmations. 3 confirmations from the Bitcoin network take approximately 30 minutes - 1 hour or maybe it can to be take more long depends on bitcoin network speed. Once the Bitcoin deposit is confirmed it will show in your account wallet.

  • Step 4: Follow Accruals

    You can choose any of the seven investment plans of Earnbits to make your investment. The first plan is 10% TurnOver after 5days. The second plan is 40% TurnOver after 5days. The third plan is 60% TurnOver after 7days, the Fourth plan is 30% TurnOver for 7days, the Fifth plan is 60% TurnOver for 7days, the sixth plan is 100% TurnOver for 7days, while the seventh plan is 100% TurnOver after 7days.

  • Step 5: Profit Withdrawal

    Both the investment plans in Earnbits are daily plans with accruals of each day into your account. Once profit is accrued in your account wallet, you may withdraw it AS WHEN time is due. Withdraw & enjoy your profits!